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      2. leasing and financing


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        Keys to help unlock your business potential

        Since 1970, CFC Investment Company has provided commercial financing services to independent insurance agents, their commercial clients and other businesses.

        Helping businesses grow and thrive is what we do.


        CFC Investment Company specializes in equipment and vehicle financing up to $175,000. Compared with other types of leases, total payout leases* are similar to traditional loans, which we also offer.

        *Please consult your tax adviser to determine the tax effects of a total payout lease.


        Interested in a quote for your business? CFC-I offers financing for:

        worker in forklift with man and woman looking in cabin

        Qualifying business with three or more years of profitable operations

        Equipment and vehicles used in a variety of operations:

        • Manufacturing
        • Material Handling
        • Office
        • Computers
        • Health and Medical
        • Commercial
        • Construction
        • Printing
        • Vehicles
        • Fitness

        CFC Investment Company does not finance airplanes or boats.


        Our financial strength, stability and ethical approach allow us to better serve agents, help people recover financially after losses and help businesses grow profitably.

        For more information, email leasing@cinfin.com or call 513-870-2203.

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